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The expert in metrology

Midland Metrology Ltd is a longstanding specialist that has been providing a ‘total service to industry’, ever since its establishment by Bob Coles in October 1988. midlandmetrology_309_11The Coventry based company is best known for providing the most suitable measuring machine for the application presented, stocking optical profile projectors, co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM), hardness testers and various other inspection, test and calibration tools.

“We are specialists in metrology, selling both new and used equipment,” Managing Director, Bob Coles details. “Any company that manufactures a product of any description will need to ‘measure’ them. This basically covers all areas of manufacturing, meaning we can offer our services to the following industries: automotive, aircraft, medical, pharmaceutical, food, soft furnishings, gas and oil, and electronics (for example).”

midlandmetrology_309_10“We pride ourselves on being able to respond to our customers’ enquiries quickly, offering ready solutions to their problems. We can provide a fast and friendly service with an efficient turnaround of items in our calibration laboratory. Our laboratory also provides a comprehensive inspection service for the measurement of our customer’s components, which includes full detailed spreadsheet reporting. Customers are always welcome at our showroom should they want to view the range of products and services available and see demonstrations of our machines. In addition, technical help and support is only a phone call away.”

The independent company boasts an unrivalled calibration service, employed courtesy of its 4,000 sq.ft. premises, that features a dedicated showroom and dimensional temperature controlled laboratory. Equipment can be bought or sold, and as a concentrated specialist, Midland Metrology can source competitively priced solutions from a number of coveted manufacturing brands.

midlandmetrology_309_07Within the stock are supplied basic equipment such as micrometers, verniers, bore gauging, depth gauges and height gauges etc.

Additionally, the more sophisticated machines and equipment include profile projectors (shadowgraphs), Video Measuring Machines, a full range of portable hardness testers – Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell, CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machines), Roundness Testers and Length machines.

More recently, we are pleased to have introduced a range of brand new black granite products. We can supply, Granite Tables and Surface Plates, Granite Squares and Tri-squares, Straight Edges, Vee Blocks and Parallels. We keep a large supply in stock for ready delivery.

midlandmetrology_309_08“We aim to support our customers in all areas of manufacture and because of this, we are always seeking out ways to become more innovative,” Bob commented conclusively. “Profile Projectors have always been foremost in our business, but we are now pleased to have expanded this to include our range of video measuring machines and excellent software. Our record of selling to over 50 countries worldwide is an achievement that we as a company are particularly proud of.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the first-rate suite of inspection and test equipment stocked by Midland Metrology, then please don’t hesitate to contact the team today. Even if you cannot find what you require online, they will be happy to discuss any individual requests and will be more than happy to solve any measurement issues you may have.

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