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ABUS was set up to beat the burglar – Sometimes we defeat the locksmith too!

Carl Jacque, owner of Pick & Fix Locksmiths in Caister is used to having to remove locks. When he was called out to remove a brass padlock with lost keys he felt his trusty 24” bolt cutters would be more than sufficient for the task.

Sadly for Carl he was not aware the padlock in question was an ABUS 65/50. This padlock has sold millions of times worldwide for good reason. It is not just a brass padlock, but a piece of balanced engineering and security with a paracentric 5 pin cylinder that makes it a very difficult pick even for a professional, and it’s 8mm hardened steel shackle will prove more than a match for any cutting attack.

As you can see it was also more than a match for Carl’s 24” bolt cutter. What seemed to be a quick and easy call out turned out to be a very timely (sorry no details of how to eventually overcome a locked ABUS 65/50 without a key!) visit, which then had to pay for a replacement set of bolt cutters.

Carl stocks ABUS and has plenty of 65/50s. He now knows first-hand that selling them provides consumers with genuine ‘security proven a million times’ against burglary. The quality and design of all ABUS security products gives you and your customers’ value and peace of mind. For more information on the ABUS range please contact ABUS UK.

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