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Become an early adopter of PSI with DBETA: Maximise websites one page at a time

DBETA is a software development company based in Canary Wharf, London, focused on website creation and eye-catching digital marketing strategies. As the digital economy grows in global magnitude, the team at DBETA can help businesses stand out with customised website design/development, optimised SEO searches and managed web hosting.

DBETA uses Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) to ensure bespoke websites run optimally at the fastest speeds, keeping page visitors happy in the fast-changing world of digital marketing and eCommerce. PSI allows valuable analysis into the speed and performance of individual website pages. Each page is evaluated for metrics such as loading speed, images, resource utilisation and produces a score based on the findings. The score is out of one hundred and as a general rule of thumb, pages need to pass the Core Web Vitals Assessment: LCP, FID & CLS.

PSI provides information on the individual speed of page loads, how many resources it uses and ultimately, how many requests it makes whilst loading. That’s not all though, more importantly, it makes suggestions on how to improve pages for a streamlined digital experience, including SEO and other accessibility aspects.

This innovative tool works by examining the HTML, JavaScript, amongst others and produces a meticulous report illustrating where the pages can be improved, such as performance and speed. The benefit of PSI is it analyses page functionality across desktop and mobile phone devices, showing an understanding of holistic user experiences.

The first part of the process is analysing the URL- which could be a blog post, product-based page, anything with a valid URL. The next step is retrieving all the contents on that page and then carrying out multiple metrics tests to check load time, page size to resource quantity. The performance tests then signify where the individual pages can be improved, such as adjusting the size of images, and capturing browser caching and assigns a score out of 100.

PSI gives hybrid lab/real-world data to give a 360° view of your pages. The lab data is based on a simulation of the performance in a managed setting, whereas the real-world (field data) is bona fide metrics collated from genuine users visiting the website. Lab data carries out smart, automated tests and focus on loading time, resource utilisation and rendering speed, quickly honing in on troubleshooting issues, such as slow-loading and poor images. The field data accurately monitors user’s actual digital experience from the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX.) and gives valuable insights into user interaction in real-time.

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