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Emergency response spill clean-up

Ideal Response are spearheading the way forward in emergency response spill clean-up. Experienced technicians can now deal with oil spills with the advantages of Lubetech technology. idealresponse_308_01The partnership that began early this year has been providing huge benefits for Ideal Response’s clients, the environment and wildlife.

Oil spills damage the environment and wildlife and if not dealt with rapidly, the effects to health and property can be devastating and long term. Industry will continue to depend on oil, hence, small to large scale oil spills are, ‘the nature of the beast’. How efficiently a spill is dealt with will have a massive impact on its consequences.

Why Lubetech? Ideal Response chose Lubetech products for their outstanding ability to soak up liquids fast, minimising damage and disruption for businesses and the environment. Lubetech’s innovative, eco-friendly absorbents are designed to provide maximum performance with minimum cost, both environmental and financial. The two key ingredients within the absorbents are Synthetic Acrylic Polyacrylamide and a Potassium salt base. Two functional groups within the polymer chains, COOH and Na, react when in contact with liquid to form two ions. The resultant uncoiling of the sodium polyacrylate chain creates a gel within the sock.

The astonishing result of this technology is a sock that can absorb up to 800 times its own weight in water. Each individual absorbent sock can hold 12.5 litres. See it in action here. Using Lubetech products, Ideal Response provide oil spill clean-up in record time. This is a cleaner, faster and more efficient service for anyone experiencing an oil spill.

Ideal Group’s Director, Javid Abraham, is thrilled with the partnership, “Lubetech and Ideal Response are like-minded companies, we both strive to be the best in our field and provide the best service available.” Apart from the obvious benefits to the environment, businesses will benefit from decreased business down-time, reduced costs and minimised damage.

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