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Opening the door to a bygone era at Fortnum & Mason

Boon Edam was delighted to be chosen as the main supplier for the bespoke entrance to the new ‘bygone era’ style restaurant at Fortnum & Mason based in London. The new restaurant aptly named 45 Jermyn Street is the latest addition to the high-end department store which has been successfully running since 1707.

BoonEdam_301_01Turning old into new
Due to its old fashioned glamour and vintage beauty, the designers of this new restaurant wanted to create a lasting impression right from the start by incorporating an authentic looking entrance to this chic new eatery.

As experts in the field of entrance design, Boon Edam were chosen by the restaurant designers to design, manufacture and install a traditional-style entry way which would also be fitting for the modern world. The bespoke revolving door was entirely hand made out of timber with a power assisted drive and an additional collapsible door set added to allow for the passing of bulky items and larger items of luggage.

This prestigious door design was chosen by the designer for many reasons. Due to its prominent position in Piccadilly, London, the architects were tasked with creating a statement entrance piece which would also ooze a quintessential look and feel which would, in turn, blend in with the overall quintessentially English theme of the department store. The revolving door was also a first choice option as a way of overcoming the great British weather of cold winds and wet weather! Typically, a revolving door can eliminate the amount of cold air that enters a building during its use and rivals that of a more traditional swing door which lacks any control of draughts during cold spells.

Experts in design
As a world leader in entry design, our client opted to work with Boon Edam Ltd whose reputation is synonymous with reliability and quality. Like Fortnum & Mason, the Boon Edam brand is long standing and internationally recognised for providing its customers with the quality workmanship that they’ve come to expect over the years.

As a unique company which started life in designing wooden revolving doors back in 1873, our client knew that Boon Edam Ltd were more than experienced in this field. Having initially discussed their needs and expectations and by providing examples of previous timber based revolving doors, Boon Edam were able to easily supply the client with a design they were after.

BoonEdam_301_02Customisation and communication
Putting our client at the forefront of this project, Boon Edam ensured that all communication was thorough throughout the entire design and manufacture stages of this project and that clear communication was continued right through to completion. By working closely with our client, we were able to ensure that all design needs were met at every step of the process. It was obvious during the early stages that certain aspects such as lead times, costs and material matching could potentially cause problems for the designer but Boon Edam helped to alleviate these concerns and kept communications open during the whole process. A unique aspect of this working relationship was the option given for the client to visit the Boon Edam factory based in the Netherlands. This gave a further opportunity for our client to view the bespoke door product as a completed product prior to it being delivered to the UK. It also gave the architects the opportunity to get a clearer idea of what was being provided and to allow for any changes that needed to be made before being dispatched.

David Healy, area project manager at Boon Edam Ltd, said, “From start to finish, liaising closely with the client and the architect, the Fortnum & Mason bespoke revolving door progressed efficiently throughout the design, manufacture and installation process. In my view, the uniqueness of this door comes down to it being manufactured from Oak in order to compliment the look of the new restaurant and to help retain its functionality required in its day-to-day use.”

Due to the impeccable communication and seamless working relationship between supplier and client, the installation of this majestic product was turned around in less than 5 months, leaving both the architects and Boon Edam Ltd delighted with the results.

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