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Pest Trader: Connecting Industry Suppliers

Pest Trader ( is unique as a supplier to the pest management industry! The company has a network that searches out new and novel products from every corner of the globe. These products are often developed by practical pest management companies that do not have the ability to bring them to a wider market. That is when Pest Trader uses its international partners to distribute these products worldwide.

Pesttrader_291_02Their most recent development has seen Pest Trader partner with Bird Barrier Inc. the leading supplier to the urban bird control market in the USA to bring their market leading range of product to the European market. Bird Barrier has a strong reputation for the development of novel, patented, humane systems for urban bird control. Latest innovations include an easy to install electric track system (Flex Track®) to repel pigeons which operates through the use of solar charges rather than a ‘wired in’ system. In addition other products designed to deter resting birds include the Daddi Long Legs® rotating spider used for both pigeons and gulls. Through a range of different sizes, the right Daddi Long Legs® can be selected for any installation from street lights to warehouses. Finally a new and unique system of Solar Panel Exclusion® containing mesh and patented clips to deter birds from nesting under solar panels.

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