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Pick-to-light – When it has to be fast and accurate

In these times of increasing automation, it’s worth noting that there are still many companies that prefer the flexibility of using a manual retrieval system for picking products to be shipped. This is undoubtedly a benefit, but there are major disadvantages with this system such as much lower picking rates as well as a higher risk of errors.

A technology that is becoming popular is Pick-to-light. These automated systems are based on optical signals which enable companies to fill multiple orders at one time, which increases productivity when products have to be stored and retrieved or goods have to be picked and prepared for shipping quickly.

Pick-to-Light uses indicators such as Pick-to-Light to direct an operator to an exact location of a pick. This increases accuracy and reduces the number of picking errors. PPG from Kardex uses Pick-to-Light which communicates with various peripheral devices such as bar code scanners, batch lights, LED or laser light pointers and printers.

Automation such as Pick-to-Light supports employees involved in the storage and retrieval of articles, with picking accuracy of up to 100 per cent being achieved, the visual signals permit faster access to all the items being moved which gives a higher picking rate.

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