New suurGLASS unit

Suurmond UK Limited recently attended CHEMUK 2021 at the NEC in Birmingham. A main feature of our booth was our NEW suurGLASS unit. suurGLASS is a standardised, universal reactor system for process development, chemical synthesis, stirring, dissolving, mixing and extraction.

The custom design of the support frame means that the vessel can be changed easily while the top cover remains secure mounted to the support. The quick action clamp can be operated with one hand allowing the user to support the vessel for easy and safe vessel changes. With our system the top cover and all the accessories connected to it can remain in place. Because our system is designed specifically for basic chemistry, we are able to offer a highly engineered solution at a lower price point than might be expected.

Basic specification:

  • Volume reactor vessel: 1-5 litres, using the same cover plate
  • Vessel materials: Type I, Class A borosilicate glass
  • Drip tray material: Standard in 316L
  • Stirrers: Anchor, propeller, impeller, turbine
  • Temperature: Up to 200°C
  • Pressure: -1 to +1 bar
  • Options: A wide range of glass accessories like burette, cooler, dropping funnel, various sensors

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